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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Standing, Mrs Rees, Mrs Dickens and Mrs Laurie

Please see the safeguarding section of our website under Parents > Safeguarding.

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Class 2 Hawthorn: Mrs Laurie

Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017

Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 1
Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 2
Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 3
Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 4
Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 5
Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 6
Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 7
Lower School Roman Day 15th September 2017 8

2017 - 18

2016 - 17

Animal Encounters


Yesterday, the children enjoyed a visit from a number of animals from the Rainforest. Quirks Animal Roadshow brought along Twix the millipede, Legs the tarantula, Sting the scorpion, Splat the tree frog, Rainbow the chameleon and Monty the python. 

All the children had the opportunity to stroke and hold some of the animals and learnt a lot about the different layers of the Rainforest.


Autumn Term English and Maths Overview

RE task for RE day on wisdom

Topic Web - Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Day


Congratulations to all the lower school children who made such a fantastic effort at dressing up. You all looked fabulous. Our first activity was to create a lucky amulet out of salt dough. Our designs included hieroglyphics or other lucky charms such as scarab beetles, ankh. In the afternoon the children created their Egyptian collars and had a treat of ice cream and Egyptian Khoshaf sauce. 

eSafety Morning in Lower School (Wednesday, 29th June 2016)

This morning in lower school we had a workshop on eSafety led by a man called Nick from the company Harrap.  We learnt how to be SMART when using the internet. 

S - Safe

M - Meet

A - Accepting

R - Reliable

T - Tell


We learnt that when playing games online and communicating with people through email, text and social media we should never give any of our personal details such as real names, email addresses or where we live. We also learnt that we should never meet up with online friends as we do not know who they are. If we are contacted by someone we don't know, we should always tell an adult. 

If we receive nasty messages we should  keep the messages as evidence and also tell an adult about them. You can also block people you don't know. 

When using the internet for research we should always check at least 2 websites to ensure that the information is reliable. 

If you are unsure on anything online, you should always check with an adult to ensure it is safe. 

If you would like to find out more you can have a look at this website: 








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Welcome to Class 2: Mrs Dickson!

Summer Term Chocolate Topic

On Monday, 18th April we were fortunate to have a visit from Rosie's Chocolate Factory.  This was a really exciting start to our summer term's lower school topic of chocolate. Each child received a hair net and disposable apron to wear; they had the opportunity to design and make their own chocolate bar and lollipop.  Thank you to our parent helpers Mrs van der Giessen, Mrs Walke and Mrs Johnson who's "joushing" skills (ask your children for details as the spelling is hard to pin down) were needed.  After this practical session, each class looked at where cocoa trees can be found and how the cocoa beans are farmed.

Enterprise Week

What a fantastic start to the new term; enterprise week!


Day 1

We started enterprise week with forming our own groups and learning to co-operate with people we might not normally work will with. After brainstorming product ideas and conducted our own market research with another class. 

Day 2:

We started the day by writing adverts for our products to encourage people to come and visit our stall. This meant that we had to include the 5 W's and use all of the persuasive features we have learnt in Literacy last term. 

Cooking Topic


Lower school are busy with our Cooking topic. This started with an exciting visit from Debbie Hearn, a food writer, who made a fruit pizza. This was a delicious twist of a savoury dish. 

On Friday 27th November, we tasted a variety of flavours of breads and the cheese was definitely the class favourite. This helped us to understand different flavour combinations and has got us thinking about our own cooking session on Monday 14th December. If any parents from Class 2 are able to help on that day please let the office know. 

Cooking Hook - Bread Tasting

Debbie Hearn - Fruit Pizza

Roman Topic


​Lower school have immersed themselves into the Romans era with a fascinating trip to the Roman Baths in Bath. We learnt about who the Romans were and how they regarded hygiene as an important factor of daily life as well as how to dress like a Roman and creating mosaic masterpieces. 

Using our knowledge of the Romans, we choreographed a dance routine depicting what life was like as a Roman soldier and the different roles within the Roman army.