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Frequently Asked Questions



How will I receive letters home?

Your child will bring letters home with them when necessary.  Letters include information about open events, school trips, assemblies, medical updates and PTA events, for example. There is a regular newsletter sent monthly, which gives updates on important issues and outlines forthcoming events. Letters and Newsletters are also usually available on the school website.


How do I go about seeing a member of staff if I have a concern?

Staff are always happy to speak to you if you have any concerns. Obviously first thing in the morning is a busy time, however if it's urgent then a quick ‘could I have a word?’ is fine. If you'd like more time and privacy, then we'd prefer you to liaise with the school office and arrange a mutually convenient time. This works both ways, so if the teacher needs to speak to you he/she will either catch you at school drop off/pick up or call you at home. 


What if my child is ill? What do I do? 

A phone call to school by 9.30 in the morning and a note on the child’s return is all that is needed. Should your child have a prolonged absence from school, please do contact the teacher to arrange for work to be sent home.


What if my child is injured at school?

First Aid will be administered as necessary by appropriately trained staff.  We give children a 'bump letter' when they have had a bump to the head, either when it's witnessed by a teacher or when they tell us about it. If we feel your child requires medical attention outside of what can be managed within school we will call you or your child's emergency contact.


Is information available on the website?

The website is the most current place to obtain the latest news, dates and key information.


Does the school communicate via email and text?

We do communicate information and reminders via a text message service. We also communicate via email for sending the monthly newsletter.  We do not yet send all letters via email however this is something we are looking into.


Food and drink


Will my child be given a drink in the classroom?

We ask you to provide a water bottle, labelled with your child’s name. The bottles can be kept filled with water from our fresh water dispensers, and your child has free access to their bottle during the day. Most parents bring the water bottle home on Fridays to wash and return them on Monday mornings.


What are the arrangements for lunch?

You can either provide your child with a packed lunch or they can have a meal cooked by Mrs. O’Brien and her team in the school kitchen. Our meals are provided by HC3s; the Hampshire schools’ catering company. Children are given a choice of two main courses (one vegetarian) each day and meals are ordered in the morning. Click here to see the current menu. The meals exceed Government nutritional standards and use organic and locally-sourced produce where possible.  School meals currently cost £2.10 per day. 


If you provide a packed lunch, please do NOT include the following items: nuts, chocolate, sweets, glass bottles or containers and fizzy drinks (water is preferred).


If you think that you may be eligible for free school meals, please go online and register.  It is helpful if you complete the registration even if you do not think that your child will require a school lunch, as registering will enable the school to receive a Pupil Premium payment which helps us to further support the children. If you have previously registered your eligibility with us but have not registered online, we would be grateful if you would now do so, as it helps us to keep your information up to date automatically.  


Will my child receive a snack?

Children are permitted to bring a healthy snack or purchase a snack from the school kitchen at breaktime.  Please do NOT provide the following items: nuts, chocolate, sweets, glass bottles or containers and fizzy drinks (water is preferred). 


Year Groups and Progress


How are the year groups organised?

We have six classes that are organised into three Lower School Classes and three Upper School classes.  Lower School classes are mixed Year 3 and 4 children and Upper School are mixed Year 5 and 6 children.


Classes are currently organised as follows:-        

Lower School

Class 1 - Mrs Rees (Lower School Leader)

Class 2 - Mrs Dickson

Class 3 - Miss Bridges

Upper School

Class 4 - Mrs Davies

Class 5 - Mr Bulpitt

Class 6 - Mrs Laurie (Upper School Leader)


The organisation of children in classes may vary from year to year according to the numbers of children on our roll for each year group.


How do you share my child's progress with me?

Targets are set for the children in all classes and shared with you at the autumn and spring Learning Conversations. These are opportunities for the parent, child and teacher to meet.  A written report is sent home at the end of the school year. Time is made available for you to discuss the report with your child's class teacher.


What are SATs?

Statutory Assessment Tests or SATs are taken in English, maths and science at the end of year six, at the age of 11.  SATs are to measure how well the children have attained across a key stage and whether they have met the age related expectations for their year group.


Timings and Travel


What are the timings of the school day?

On arrival at school at 8:45 am, the children go directly to their classrooms. Registration takes place at 9:00 am. Pupils break at 10:45 am for a 15 minute morning break and then again at 12:15 pm for a 55 minute lunch. The school day ends at 3:30 pm. Parents can arrive at the school from 3:20 pm and wait in the lower playground. After school clubs run until up to 4:30 pm. There is currently no breakfast provision. 


Other questions about school life


Where do I obtain school uniform?

School uniform with the Woolton Hill Junior School logo is available to purchase online only.  School ties are obtainable from the school office only at a cost of £3.50 each.  


Traditionally, the school uniform colours are royal blue and grey. All items can be in whatever style you choose, provided that the style is suitable for school. The children should wear plain black school shoes, not trainers.  No make-up or jewellery is permitted and long hair should be tied back.  Small stud earrings are permitted but these should be removed or covered during PE lessons.


Boys: Black school shoes, grey trousers, white shirt, royal blue V-neck jumper, royal blue with red stripe school tie.

Optional summer wear: White polo shirt without tie, grey shorts (Summer Term only)


Girls: Black school shoes, grey skirt, pinafore or grey trousers, white shirt, royal blue V-neck jumper or cardigan, royal blue with red stripe school tie.

Optional summer wear: Royal blue/white check dress (or culotte dress) with sleeves; white polo shirt without tie, grey skirt/shorts/culottes (Summer Term only)


Please be aware that sweatshirts are not considered a part of the school uniform and are not acceptable wear in school. Fleeces are also not to be worn in the classrooms.


PE Kit:

House coloured polo shirt or white t-shirt

Dark blue/black shorts

Dark coloured jogging/tracksuit bottoms (not leggings)

Dark, plain track suit top or sweatshirt

Black/white socks. 



Football/Rugby kit (as necessary) also includes coloured house socks, football/Rugby boots and shin pads.


No earrings, watches or jewellery to be worn.  (Only new earrings should be covered for the initial 6 week period.)


What is a Star Award and how are Houses organised?

Star Awards are given out for the whole school on Friday mornings in Celebration assembly. Children are given certificates for a wide variety of reasons, such as being a good citizen or friend, being healthy, listening to other children’s opinions and, of course, for hard work.


The school Houses are Chichester (yellow), Drake (red), Raleigh (green) and Rose (blue). The children are put into a house team before they start school. Each child can earn House points during the week, which are added up and announced during Celebration assembly on Fridays. 


On sports day the children compete in their House teams and will need to wear a polo shirt in their House colour. House points are added up over the year and at the end of the school term the overall winning team is presented with the House Cup to which they attach their House coloured ribbons. 


Will my child attend any off-site school trips?

The classes go on a variety of school trips each year, usually involving travel by coach to a venue in support of their curriculum work.  When in Year 4 the children are offered the opportunity to attend a 3 day residential visit to Stubbington Study Centre and Year 5/6 children are offered the opportunity each year to take part in a 5 day residential visit to PGL. In order for school trips to take place, it is necessary for us to ask parents to contribute towards the cost. We do rely on the help of parents to assist with school trips, so if you would like to help then please see the school office about obtaining a DBS check.


Will my child be able to take part in after school clubs?

We offer a variety of after school clubs, which are refreshed each term and open to all children. The list of the clubs on offer is usually sent home during the last few days of the preceding term, this allows you to select the clubs you'd like your child to attend. Visit our clubs page for more information.


Will my child take part in a school play?

Children in Lower School take part in the production at Christmas time. Children in Upper School take part in the summer production. Parents are offered tickets to these productions at the appropriate time of year. 


Are you able to administer medicine to my child?

We administer prescribed medicines in school if they are a 'four times a day' dosage. You can obtain a permission form at the school office or download the form online. 


How do you manage children with allergies?

We understand that sending a child to school with an allergy is an additional area of concern for parents. We manage children with allergies on a case-by-case basis. We have experience of children with food allergies; managing their lunch and the use of jext or epi-pens. We will jointly agree a management plan for your child, and ensure that all relevant staff are made fully aware of their needs.


Are you a religious school?

Although the school is not formally linked to the church, we do have close ties to St Thomas C of E Church in Woolton Hill and Rev. Christine Dale. The whole school attends church services to celebrate Harvest Festival, Christmas and Easter. If you wish to withdraw your child from religious assemblies you must write to the headteacher.