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Class 1 Hazel - Y3/4: Mrs Wyatt

Summer term 2020/2021 Survival


With our topic theme of 'Survival', this term we will be learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age within the UK. We will be kicking off our topic with a Stone Age day where the children will get the chance to understand what we mean by the Stone Age and handle a range of Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts. We will be linking our topic to Art where we will be trying to recreate our own cave paintings. 

 In science, we will be continuing to investigate magnets, before moving onto the reproduction of plants. Within our topic, we will be looking at seed dispersal and the importance of pollination. 

Spring 2 Term 2020/2021  Rivers

Welcome back to school Hazel class!  We have had a really good first week back to school following the lockdown period.  The children have been very keen to return to learning and play with their friends in our bubble.  


This term, we are continuing to learn about Rivers and forces.  

Back to school!!!! Yay!!!


Wow, what a very exciting first week back, welcoming everybody back to school! On day one all the children were greeted with balloons at the gates, and then we all had a lovely class breakfast where we could all catch up. Yummy, thank you for the treat!


It has been fantastic to see how excited all the children have been to get back into school and see all their friends. 


We hope this will be a very exciting term. We are doing football and gymnastics in P.E, as well as looking at the topic of Rivers where many students are already demonstrating their fantastic knowledge. 


I hope to have a fantastic few weeks before Easter and we are all so proud of what the children have done at home. 


Egg Discovery!!

Monday morning Mrs Dickson, Miss Halle and Mrs Wyatt spotted some strange creatures roaming our field. Lower School went to investigate what the creatures might have been doing...

After a thorough investigation of the school field we found eggs! After some careful examination and our powers of deduction, we came to the conclusion that these are dragon eggs!

Autumn 1 2020/2021 Ancient Egypt


We begin the new academic year with our history based Ancient Egypt project.  We will be learning about the the Ancient Egyptians and how ancient civilisations lived and how they have influenced our modern world. 

Mystery in Lower School


Over the weekend, a tunnel appeared in the Lower School area. 

We set the children off being detectives to investigate what happened in Lower School. Children had to search for clues and gather evidence to determine what catastrophe had happened. A number of children also interrogated several staff members who they believed were suspects. 

Mystery in Lower School

Lower School Trip to Highclere Castle, Friday 16th November 2018.

Class 1 and half of Class 2  travelled to the castle by coach to see the ancient Egyptian exhibition. We saw an amazing range of artefacts and learnt so much about the link between Highclere (the family of the Earl of Carnarvon) and the Tutankhamun find in the Valley of the Kings. We also had an interesting tour of the gardens and grounds that were designed by Capability Brown.

Highclere Castle Visit 16th November 2018

Important Documents for Summer Term 2018


2016 -17

Outdoor Classroom Day

Thursday, 18th May was Outdoor Classroom Day at school.  It is a global campaign to get children outdoors to play and learn at school, and as part of their everyday lives. In lower school, we created a colour palette using rubbings of natural objects outside.  As year 4s went for their weekly swimming lessons, year 3 stayed outside for a rounders lesson in the sunshine. This afternoon, we will use our colour palette, texture palette and a sound map to write our own haikus.  Here are some photos from our day - many smiles today!

Outdoor Classroom Day

RE task for RE day on wisdom

Click on this link to play the number facts maths games

Roald Dahl 100

Friday, 23rd September was another creative day in lower school with children dressing up as Roald Dahl characters.  Mischievous Matilda even brought her newt and put it on Mrs Trunchbull's desk when it was celebration assembly.  We used our direct speech knowledge from the week to create a conversation between two Dahl characters that we were dressed up as.  The day ended with a lower school Roald Dahl quiz in the hall.  Many thanks to all the children for being so enthusiastic and the parents for assisting with yet another dressing up day.  (We promise there won't be another one this term.) Be sure to look at the Latest News page for photos of the teachers' outfits in celebration assembly.

Mental Maths Games to play

Ancient Egyptian Day September 2016

Congratulations to all the lower school children who make such a fantastic effort at dressing up.  You all looked fabulous.  Our first activity was to create a lucky amulet out of salt dough.  Our designs included hieroglyphics or other lucky charms such as scarab beetles, ankh. In the afternon the children created their Egyptian collars and had a treat of ice cream and Egyptian Khoshaf sauce.

eSafety Morning in Lower School (Wednesday, 29th June 2016)

This morning in lower school we had a workshop on eSafety led by a man called Nick from the company Harrap.  We learnt 5 rules for keeping safe online:

Safe (e.g. you must be careful with what you send or accept online)

Meeting ( need to be careful when someone invites you to meet up or talk)

Accepting (e.g. you should not accept emails/invites from strangers)

Reliable (e.g. only rely on people that you know and tell an adult if you're worried)

Tell (e.g. tell and adult that you trust if you think you're being cyber bullied)


Here are some of our views about the morning:

"We learnt that you need to be safe on internet." (Immy)

"Never trust someone that you don't know." (Sam)

"We learnt to never accept things from people we don't know." (Lucy)

"Don't give out personal details." (Darcy)

"Games like Grand Theft Auto are 18s and we probably shouldn't play them." (Harry)

"A vlogger is a person who makes videos all day about what they do in their day e.g. Stampy." (Charlotte)




Open afternoon Tuesday, 28th June

What a busy day with sports day this morning and then open afternoon as well.  Parents were invited to look at children's books and help their children with sewing. Thank you so much to all the parents who were so willing to help. It was great to see you in school.

Empty Classroom Day

Empty Classroom Day is part of a global campaign backed by Persil’s ‘Dirt is Good’ movement.  It aims to celebrate and inspire learning and play outside the classroom. We had a fantastic day in class 1 by taking inspiration from our fabulous field and trees to create poetry.  The only rule was that there was no rhyming words.  So we could include any metaphors, personification, similes, alliteration, adjectives (and rhyming if it happened accidentally). Here are some photos from our afternoon...and the rain held off all day!

Summer Term Chocolate Topic

On Monday, 18th April we were fortunate to have a visit from Rosie's Chocolate Factory.  This was a really exciting start to our summer term's lower school topic of chocolate. Each child received a hair net and disposable apron to wear; they had the opportunity to design and make their own chocolate bar and lollipop.  Thank you to our parent helpers Mrs van der Giessen, Mrs Walke and Mrs Johnson who's "joushing" skills (ask your children for details as the spelling is hard to pin down) were needed.  After this practical session, each class looked at where cocoa trees can be found and how the cocoa beans are farmed.

Literacy Picture Boxes

We are so proud of our picture boxes that we created in literacy this week.  They are based on our text  "Wreck of Zanzibar" and they depict the adventure that Billy goes on once he leaves the Isle of Scilly. 

Enterprise Week

What a fantastic start to the new term:  enterprise week!  Day 1 started with forming our own groups and learning to co-operate with people we might not normally work well with.  After this we brainstormed product ideas and conducted our own market research with another class. 

Day 1

Day 2

We started the day writing a press release to encourage the Newbury Weekly News to come and visit.  This meant that we had to include the 5 Ws, a quotation and use all of the persuasive features we have learnt about in Literacy last term. 

Day 3

We created and tested our products as well as taking any advance orders.  Each group also updated their business logs with a record of their daily activities.  There was a big focus on budget  to make sure that our company stays within our £5 budget.


Mrs Rees' Maths Class: open this document for the addition games



Lower school are busy with our Cooking topic. This started with a really exciting hook when the food writer Debbie Hearn came to visit and made a fruit pizza for us.  It was very different and showed us a savoury dish with a twist. 



On Friday 27th November, we tasted different flavours of bread; cheese was the definitely the class favourite.    This has got us excited for our own cooking sessions on either Friday, 11th December or Monday, 14th December.  Half of the class will be cooking on each day and letters with all the details will go out this week.


If any parents from Class 1 are able to help on either day, please let the office or Mrs Rees know.



We started off our Ancient Roman topic with a school trip to the Roman Baths in Bath.  The highlights were:

  • Dressing up as Roman people (Charlotte R)
  • Making mosaics (Danni W)
  • Seeing lots of really cool Roman objects (Charlotte R)


Here are some photos of our trip.