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Class 3 Rowan - Y3/4: Miss Halle

Egg Discovery!!

Monday morning Mrs Dickson, Miss Halle and Mrs Wyatt spotted some strange creatures roaming our field. Lower School went to investigate what the creatures might have been doing...

After a thorough investigation of the school field we found eggs! After some careful examination and our powers of deduction, we came to the conclusion that these are dragon eggs!

Autumn 1 2020/2021 Ancient Egypt


We begin the new academic year with our history based Ancient Egypt project.  We will be learning about the the Ancient Egyptians and how ancient civilisations lived and how they have influenced our modern world. 

Mystery in Lower School


Over the weekend, a tunnel appeared in the Lower School area. 

We set the children off being detectives to investigate what happened in Lower School. Children had to search for clues and gather evidence to determine what catastrophe had happened. A number of children also interrogated several staff members who they believed were suspects. 

Mystery in Lower School

Highclere Castle Egyptian Exhibition Visit

2017 - 18

2016 - 17

Autumn Term English and Maths Overview

RE task for RE day on wisdom

Topic Web- Ancient Egypt

Autumn Term Topic: Ancient Egypt


So far this term we have written questions that we want to know about ancient Egypt. By the end of the term we will be able to answer our questions.

Some examples:

Why were cats so important?

How did they go to the toilet?

How long did Tutankhamun live?

What did their houses look life?


The topic has included lots of art. We have made: mummified cats by paper weaving; collars which were worn by rich Egyptians; amulets out of salt dough and are starting to plan our own semi abstract compositions.


Ancient Egyptian Day September 2016

Congratulations to all the lower school children who make such a fantastic effort at dressing up.  You all looked fabulous.  Our first activity was to create a lucky amulet out of salt dough.  Our designs included hieroglyphics or other lucky charms such as scarab beetles, ankh and cats. In the afternoon the children created their Egyptian collars and had a treat of ice cream and Egyptian Khoshaf sauce.


Pictures to follow.