The Curriculum at
Woolton Hill Junior School

Developing inquisitive minds

At Woolton Hill Junior School, we are committed to providing an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum by developing inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning.

We do this by providing an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum that equips our children to be global citizens for today and tomorrow. 


Through our inclusive curriculum we want to develop and build on our children’s prior learning allowing them to build resilience and become compassionate, creative and critical thinkers. 


Teaching & Learning

At Woolton Hill Junior School we deliver a creative curriculum underpinned by a rigorous approach to the teaching and learning of the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics. We ensure that these skills are taught progressively throughout the school with clear, whole school expectations and approaches, allowing the children plenty of opportunities to apply these skills within real-life contexts. 


Alongside our daily English and Maths lessons, and weekly Science lessons, we deliver an exciting and creative curriculum of the foundation subjects, such as history, art and PE. Where possible, we aim to deliver these subjects through carefully chosen topic themes that help the children develop a life-long love of learning. 

Alongside the main topic areas that are delivered in school we also deliver some subject specific topics that exist outside the main topic are being studied, allowing us to develop children’s passions of learning through specialist music teachers and PE specialist teachers.

Results we are proud of

Due to the COVID pandemic formal testing of pupils has been limited. Since there are no formal results for the year 2019/20 those shown are for the previous year, 2018/19

You can find further information on the Government website


The school was last inspected in November 2017

Age Related




Greater Depth













Numbers in grey are the National results



Some children work above the expectations for their age.


Teachers plan for these pupils so their knowledge and understanding of concepts is routinely broadened and deepened and they achieve a greater depth to their learning

Challenge for all

We believe that all children attending Woolton Hill Junior School should have access to an engaging and challenging curriculum where they are encouraged to achieve their very best whatever their starting points. Children will develop as resilient and confident learners.


We have high expectations for all our children; we aspire to achieve better than expected progress and for a high proportion of our learners to achieve a greater depth to their learning including those pupils who are disadvantaged.


To ensure this happens, teachers regularly assess and use a flexible approach to teaching and learning.  They plan for challenging, stimulating and enriching opportunities for all pupils regardless of their cultural, socio-economic backgrounds or disabilities.


We recognise that there will be some children, in every year group, that are working above the expectations for their age. Teachers will specifically plan for these pupils so their knowledge and understanding of concepts is routinely broadened and deepened and they achieve a greater depth to their learning. They will learn to expect challenge, develop resilience and be in the ‘pit of uncertainty’ for some periods in their learning journey. 



We strive to develop children as young mathematicians through an inclusive curriculum and challenge for all. 


Our aim is to develop children’s understanding of the important concepts and an ability to make connections within mathematics. We also want to develop children’s broad range of skills in using and applying maths alongside a fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and the number system. 


Within out broad curriculum, we want to develop children’s ability to show initiative in solving problems, become independent thinkers and to build their perseverance and resilience towards problem solving. 



Our aim is to excite and encourage creativity within our children’s writing. 


We want to develop children’s ability to write fluently in a range of genres and empower their imagination, therefore making their writing engaging and enjoyable to read.


Though high quality texts and discussion we want to develop children’s vocabulary and knowledge of writing techniques to support the structure of their writing. 

Image by Joshua Hoehne


We are working to develop children’s passion for reading and excite them through new recommendations of books. 

We develop children’s reading skills through decoding and phonic knowledge and build on their fluency and accuracy when reading a wide variety of texts.


Through our reading lessons, we aim to develop children’s vocabulary and comprehension of different texts, therefore motivating children to read to both extend their learning but also for pleasure.