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Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors

At Woolton Hill Junior School, we encourage all children to develop an awareness of environmental topics in the classroom that can impact our world. We provide children with an opportunity to take leadership of environmental issues in our school and local community.


The Eco Schools programme allows schools to embark on a path towards improving both the environment in both school and the local community while at the same time having a positive impact on the lives of pupils, their families and school staff. 


The Eco Warriors meet at least every half term to discuss current issues around the 10 elements of the Eco School and how they are addressed in school. These are the 10 elements that our school are addressing:

  • Energy 
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Litter 
  • Global Perspectives
  • Healthy Living
  • School Grounds
  • Biodiversity
  • Transport
  • Marine


Our Eco Warriors for this academic year are:

  • Solomon Class 6
  • Aiden  Class 5

  • Fayina Class 4

  • Madison Class 3

  • Alfie Class 2

  • Stephanie Class 1