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Other relationships

The school has a number of key relationships, including with our federated infant school, St Thomas' Church of England Infant School and the local Church, St Thomas'

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Our relationship with the church

Through all aspects of school life, we work to develop children’s self-esteem and awareness of their growing responsibility for their own behaviour and their impact on others. We encourage them to develop their spirituality and to ask questions about the world around themselves. We encourage pupil’s awareness of other cultures and ways of life so that they can grow up to play an active part in our multicultural society.


Woolton Hill Junior School and St Thomas' Church of England Infant School have also worked closely, with many of the pupils progressing from Infant to Juniors. 

After consulting with stakeholders, the two schools federated in 2020 to form the Schools of Woolton Hill.

We are at the start of the journey to fully realise the benefits that federation can bring, under the leadership of new Executive Headteacher, Paul Davies. 

Why Federate

By Federating the two schools, our children benefit from a continuity from Infant to Juniors, creating a continuous educational journey through these key stages. We are also able to benefit by sharing resources between both schools.


At the same time, by retaining the identity of each school, we are able to provide a dedicated and focussed learning environment for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Sarah Rolls, Chair of Governors


Bulera Primary School, Uganda

Woolton Hill Junior School and St Thomas' Infant School are linked with Bulera Primary School in the Mityana district of Uganda.  We exchange information about our school and countries. 


Pupils at our school raise money to support Bulera School and Bulera pupils reciprocate with gifts of handmade toys and crafts.