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Calshot Day 1

We arrived safely with a light drizzle but no damp spirits. After depositing cases in rooms, children were taken on a tour of the site.  After a quick fire drill, the children tucked into a light lunch (though most plates were piled high) of pizza, jacket potato or pasta.

Then we were off to our first big activity of sailing or kayaking.  Those on the Funboats were shown the ropes of basic sailing, played 'follow my leader' and one group had a close encounter with a buoy.    The kayakers played 'It' on the water with only a few children overboard.  Good winds and children made good speed; motor boats were used to keep the children in the right direction and from crashing into the year 6s from a school in Winchester.  After a dinner of sausage and mash, the children were treated to a room inspection.  The final event of the night is Rushing Rockets or Egg Drop.  Lights out are not far away!