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End of day 2

Yesterday evening's activity involved searching for wildlife in the hide. We were lucky enough to see lots of foxes and some of us think we even saw a badger!


Today has been an extremely busy day! During the morning, we learnt all about foxes. This was to help us in our task of becoming fox scavengers and using the characteristics of a fox to avoid the two angry Farmers- Farmer Griffiths and Farmer Kidd.


Next we honed our senses as one of them was taken from us. Using teamwork and communication, we guided our blind-folded friends through the forest- including a very frightened Mr Griffiths!

After this, we put our sense of smell to the test by creating smelly cocktails using only natural ingredients. Some of our cocktails included ogre snot, witches wee and puke!


After a much needed break, some of us became an earthquake rescue team! This involved tremendous amounts of teamwork to carry lots of essential supplies across lots of difficult obstacles. Since we had done so well with this, we all had the chance to attempt the infamous lava leap! And although we weren't all confident about it, every single member conquered it. 

While some of us were having fun with this, the rest of us used our problem solving skills to earn materials that would be used to protect our eggs which would later be catapulted! From this, lead to an incredible range of designs and very few broken eggs!


To round the day off, we worked with our new friends from other schools to take part in a scavenger hunt that tested our knowledge of Stubbington. 

The staff are very confident that WHJS will sleep extremely well tonight!