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Learning Conversations - Parent Meetings

On 11th February the children brought home a letter detailing the opportunity for parents and carers to participate in a Learning Conversation with their child and their child's teacher.  For further details, you can find the letter here.  We look forward to welcoming you into school.


The appointments will run as follows:


Monday, 29 Feb: 8:30-17:30          Year 6 with Mr Gazzard

Tuesday, 1 March 8:30-17:30        Class 3 with Mr Griffiths

Wednesday, 2 March 8.30-12.00 Year 5 with Mrs Bright

Wednesday, 2 March 8:30-17:30  Year 5 with  Miss Bridges

Thursday, 3rd March 8:30-17:30   Class 1 with Mrs Rees

Thursday, 3rd March 8.30-12.00   Year 6 with Mr Gazzard

Friday, 4th March 8:30-17:30         Class 2 with Mrs Dickson