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PGL day 2



Another fabulous day at Little Canada. We literally managed to dodge the rain clouds and have stayed dry all day. This has meant that the children were able to get the very best out of their activities that ranged from team building problem solving to high jinx on the Cat Walk. Several of the groups really surprised themselves by getting up to the second level, up in the trees - a good test of their bravery and perseverance. The children worked so hard at supporting and encouraging each other to test their own limits and achieve new goals. 


All the children have also enjoyed tucking in at the restaurant each meal time. The choices have included favourites such as chicken nuggets, sausages and beef stroganoff. Parents would also be pleased to know that most children also add a bowl of salad PLUS their vegetables! All this activity is definitely getting their appetites going.


We have no doubt that all the group will sleep like proverbial logs tonight after such a busy, fun filled day capped off with an action-packed  evening session of Wacky Races with the PGL Team. Looking forward to tomorrow!


We are still working hard with the poor wifi to get photos uploaded.  But, rest assured, we will keep trying.

*Update - photos now available*