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Stubbington 2018 - End of Day 2

A fantastic day has been had by all! After breakfast and room inspections we collected our animal hotels to see what visitors they had. One group had caught a yellow necked mouse and the other group had managed to catch four mammals (2 bank voles and 2 long tailed field mice).  After weighing them, naming them and learning about their adaptations the children released them into the wild.


After a delicious lunch (there is such a great choice which starts with nibbles for all children on their tables), the groups swapped yesterday's activities: Eggstreme (protecting an egg from a catapult journey) or Earthquake (team based obstacles courses carrying a range of essential equipment e.g. ladders, torches). 


After dinner, we made clay models of any Stubbington animal the children have seen. After that we all played a game of pirate murder mystery. The game included staff dressing up in their best disguises. (See Facebook for the evidence.)  The jury found the suspect and questioned him to claim back Mr Scarborough’s (Head of Stubbington’s) party underpants!


Tomorrow we are heading to the beach to create sea sculptures.


See you at 3.30!