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Stubbington Day 1

All the children settled in well. All the children are happy with their dormitory groups and have made sure that they are neat and tidy.  (We have sprung a surprise inspection on them already.)  


Lunch was delicious and there was a choice of jacket potatoes or fish fingers.  There was a choice of pudding and fruit as well.  They worked as teams to clear their tables and are starting to get to know the other schools.  There is a healthy rivalry between houses:  Mrs Rees is confident that the Fox house will win while Mrs Dickson believes owls will triumph.  (Small clue as to which house they are in charge of.)


The first afternoon activity was either Eggstreme Challenge, which tested their problem solving and team building skills, or Earthquake, which tested their resilience and courage with some impressive obstacles.  Tonight is a talk by a professional wildlife photographer followed by our slot for visiting the badger hide.  (Fingers crossed we will see some badgers.)