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Stubbington Day 2

What another exhausting, yet fantastic day at Stubbington.  This morning we all retrieved our animal hotels to discover if there had been any overnight guests.  Thank goodness both groups had managed to "catch" a long tailed field mouse.  After weighing them and learning about their adaptations, they were named Geoffrey and Bob. (Don't worry they were released back into the wild so that they could choose if they wanted another night in the hotels.)


After a delicious lunch (there is such a great choice which starts with nibbles for all children on their tables), the groups swapped yesterday's activities: Eggstreme (protecting an egg from a catapult journey) or Earthquake (team based obstacles courses carrying a range of essential equipment e.g. ladders, torches).  


After dinner, we made clay models of any Stubbington animal, and then (just as we thought we might be ready for bed), we all played a game of pirate murder mystery. You can see a staff photo of 3 possible murder suspects: Captain Cutlass (Mrs Dickens), Hula Hoopie (Mrs Dickson) and Cookie Crumble, Mr Bulpitt. 


We are so proud of the friendship, respect and responsibility (the 3 Stubbington values) that the year 4s are showing this week.  A Stubbington staff member said this afternoon, "The children's behaviour has been fantastic and they are a credit to the school."