Start of School - September 2021!

We are writing to inform you of some important information relating to the return to school in September.

Start of school

  • Children can be dropped off at school from 8:30 when the school gates will open, and a member of staff will be on duty in the playground.

  • The bell will be rung at 8:45 and the children can then make their way to their classroom for morning registration.

  • All children need to be in their classrooms by 8:55 when the registers close. Any children who arrive after this are marked down as late.

  • Parents do not come onto the playground in the morning – pleases just kiss and drop your child so they walk themselves onto the playground. This has proved really successful this year in terms of settling children.

  • For the first day, Monday 6th September, please can year three children be dropped off at 9:00 a.m. Mrs Wyatt will be on the playground to meet the children that day. After that your child can be dropped off at the same time as the other year groups.

  • It can be tricky to catch teachers to talk to them in the morning. We suggest you phone/email the office to pass a message to your child’s class teacher.

End of school

  • Children can be picked up from the playground at 3:30. Most children wait for their parents on the playground. Parents can wait for their children on the lower playground. The larger car gates will be opened by the office staff at the end of the day.

  • We suggest that year 3 parents pick their children up from outside their classroom initially to give their teachers time to speak to parents at the end of the day. Year 3 parents to enter/exit the school through the far wooden gate in the furthest car park. The hazel classroom is then the first classroom you walk to on your right hand side (just after the kitchen and opposite the free standing LEAP building).


We have children in school with severe nut, sesame and kiwi allergies in school. Please ensure your child does not bring nuts, sesame or kiwi or any products containing nuts, sesame or kiwi into school.

Break time snacks

Your child can bring a healthy snack from break time every day. Alternatively, they can bring in cash and purchase a snack (e.g., grapes, raisins, plain rolls) from the kitchen. These are available at a range of costs from 25p to 50p. As we are a junior school, free snacks are not provided as they are in key stage 1.


Food will be served in the hall for lunches again from September. Children will have the opportunities to play outside on the playground (for break and lunchtimes) with other classes again.

Children order their lunches in class each day and the menu has been emailed. Lunches are paid for online on your child’s scopay account.

PE Kit

Children are to come to school dressed in their PE kit on their PE days. Please note the PE uniform requirements below:

  • House coloured polo shirt or white t-shirt

  • Dark blue/black shorts

  • Dark blue/black jogging/tracksuit bottoms (not leggings)

  • Dark blue/black plain tracksuit top or sweatshirt White socks Trainers

Please may we ask for your support in ensuring that their bottoms and tops are plain (e.g., no branded company names dominantly visible on them) as we have noticed a large variety of tops being worn this year. Children are always able to wear their WHJS jumpers instead of a sweatshirt or tracksuit top.

PE Days

These change each half term depending on the sport and any external coaches. Each class has two PE sessions per week, one outdoors and one indoors (gymnastics or dance). This is the schedule for Autumn 1

  • Monday: Hazel and Rowan

  • Tuesday: Elm and Beech and Oak

  • Wednesday: Beech

  • Thursday: Hazel and Rowan

  • Friday: Elm and Oak

Pencil cases

Children are not required to bring their own pencil cases or stationery. They may bring a small pencil case that can fit in their tray if they want to. These will not be used in the morning lessons, and it is only in the afternoon lessons that they may sometimes be used.

Water bottles

Your child should bring a named water bottle to school every day. These can be filled up during the school day but must go home to be washed and refilled each day.

Contacting class teachers

As teachers are often busy setting up and greeting children, the morning is not the ideal time to speak to teachers. The office will pass across any messages to teachers and setup any appointments for you to speak to them, whether in person or on the phone.


It will no longer be a requirement for parents or school staff to wear a mask on the playground nor in communal areas in school.

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