Stubbington Update 3

Year 4 began the day with an early start and got got their rooms ready for inspection. They had a hearty breakfast and went straight into den building, learning about how to tie knots and stay dry in a homemade shelter.

They had fun exploring the centre in their free time and especially enjoyed playing together in the adventure playground. In the afternoon the children were extremely excited to visit the beach! They made rock pool and looked for sea creatures to live in their habitats.

They combed the beach looking for fossils and we were very lucky to even find a couple of shark teeth. Our visit to the beach was finished off with a sandcastle competition, where children created moats and even decorated their castles with shells. They looked spectacular.

After dinner, the children were thoroughly entertained by the pirate game. They became trainee police officers looking for stolen treasure. Miss Halle and others dressed in pirate attire becoming suspects hiding around the site waiting to provide their alibi.

In evening, the children visited the hide where food had been laid out for the local wildlife. We were very lucky and saw four badgers and a family of foxes, including a cub. The children finished the day very tired and ready for bed.

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