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Handwriting is a skill which, like reading and spelling, affects written communication across the curriculum. Children must be able to write with ease, speed and legibility. Cursive handwriting teaches pupils to join letters and words as a series of flowing movements and patterns. At Woolton Hill Junior School we teach fully cursive handwriting (see below). We understand that as parents we strive to support our children in all areas of their learning and development, therefore you may wish to support your child in practising their handwriting at home. The attached web page is an excellent resource for teaching handwriting with a selection of fun activities to help build children's cursive handwriting and fine motor skills. 

WHJS Handwriting Font

SLS eBooks


We have a wonderful opportunity to offer the children at Woolton Hill Junior School. Hampshire School Library Service have a eBooks facility which we have signed up to. 

All children have been created a log-on for this, which allows them to access a library of eBooks. The children can borrow reading books and audio books to enjoy at home and at school. 


Reading Guidance Booklet

We have been revising and updating our Reading Guidance booklet. Within the booklet, we have included how you can support your child throughout their reading journey from decoding unfamiliar words to developing their comprehension and inferencing skills. We have also added some support on how parents or children can fill in their reading diaries when they finish reading. 

Reading Guidance Booklet

Please access the following recommended sites if you are looking for age appropriate reading books: